Functional Driving Assessment

Thorough Screening & Safety Evaluation

The Functional Driving Assessment consists of an initial in-clinic assessment completed by an Occupational Therapist/ CDRS, followed by an in-vehicle assessment completed by the Licensed Driving Instructor (DI) and OT/CDRS.

The goal of the Functional Driving Assessment is to determine if a person’s medical condition/injury is affecting their ability to safely operate a vehicle from a physical and cognitive perspective. The clinical assessment consists of a medical history review, functional physical screen, cognitive/perceptual assessment, and on-road safety evaluation.

The in-vehicle portion of the assessment is completed in the Licensed Driving Instructor’s automatic dual brake vehicle with an Occupational Therapist and Licensed Driving Instructor. The in-vehicle assessment is completed on diverse roadways assessing a client’s driving skills with respect to physical endurance, cognitive/perceptual skills and medical fitness to drive.

The in-vehicle treatment sessions are designed by the Occupational Therapist/CDRS to compensate/ remediate driving skill deficits from the initial assessment. The sessions are completed with a Licensed Driving Instructor and are followed by a Treatment Progress Re-Assessment after training with the Occupational Therapist/CDRS and Licensed Driving Instructor to determine and document client progress and make a final determination on the client’s driving abilities.

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Functional Driving Assessment
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