Existing/Proposed Vehicle Environment

Assessment & Treatment

The Existing and Proposed Vehicle Environment Assessment examines a client’s physical needs as a driver and/or passenger and is tailored to compensate for a client’s physical deficit with the use of adaptive driving controls or in some cases, a newly modified vehicle. 

The assessment(s) consists of an initial meeting with an Occupational Therapist/CDRS at the client’s home who interviews the client and completes a physical examination to determine individual driving related needs and to provide an assessment of the client’s existing vehicle and to explore options for a proposed vehicle for passenger accessibility.  

A subsequent assessment may be arranged with a meeting at an auto mall/dealership/vehicle modifier with the client to review vehicle options and modifications.

The in-vehicle treatment sessions are recommended to ensure that the individual is proficient with the use of the new adaptive driving controls or modifications in a variety of traffic situations, and is therefore, deemed safe to operate the vehicle with the new driving controls.

In our society, our way of life, we have come to depend on transportation. Access to a vehicle has made living and working easier, but creating and providing an accessible vehicle will restore independence and inclusion to those who require it.

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Vehicle Environment Assessment
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