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Functional Driving Assessment

Functional Driving Assessment & Treatment

The Functional Driving Assessment consists of an initial in-clinic assessment completed by an Occupational Therapist/ CDRS, followed by an in-vehicle assessment completed by the Licensed Driving Instructor (DI) and OT/CDRS. The goal of the assessment is to determine if a person’s medical condition/injury is affecting their ability to safely operate a vehicle from a physical and cognitive perspective.

The clinical assessment consists of :

  • a medical history review
  • functional physical screen
  • cognitive/perceptual assessment
  • and on-road safety evaluation

The in-vehicle portion of the assessment is completed in the Licensed Driving Instructor’s automatic dual brake vehicle with an Occupational Therapist and Licensed Driving Instructor. The in-vehicle assessment is completed on diverse roadways assessing a client’s driving skills with respect to physical endurance, cognitive/perceptual skills and medical fitness to drive.    (READ MORE)


Driver/Passenger/Pedestrian Anxiety Assessment & Treatment

Being involved in a motor vehicle accident whether as a driver, passenger, or pedestrian can be a traumatic experience for an individual and can result in fear and avoidance.

The treatment consists of an initial assessment with an Occupational Therapist who interviews the client to determine individual driver/passenger/pedestrian related concerns and the parameters of the client’s vehicular related fear.

The in-vehicle portion of the assessment is completed with the Licensed Driving Instructor and Occupational Therapist and provides graded exposure to a variety of road conditions while monitoring the client’s heart rate and fear/anxiety symptoms in a variety of traffic situations.     (READ MORE) 

Existing and Proposed Vehicle Environment Assessment & Treatment

The Existing and Proposed Vehicle Environment Assessment examines a client’s physical needs as a driver and/or passenger and is tailored to compensate for a client’s physical deficit with the use of adaptive driving controls or in some cases, a newly modified vehicle.

The assessment(s) consists of an initial meeting with an Occupational Therapist/CDRS at the client’s home who interviews the client and completes a physical examination to determine individual driving related needs and to provide an assessment of the client’s existing vehicle and to explore options for a proposed vehicle for passenger accessibility.

A subsequent assessment may be arranged with a meeting at an auto mall/dealership/vehicle modifier with the client to review vehicle options and modifications.

The in-vehicle treatment sessions are recommended to ensure that the individual is proficient with the use of the new adaptive driving controls or modifications in a variety of traffic situations, and is therefore, deemed safe to operate the vehicle with the new driving controls.     (READ MORE)

Cross Border Confidence Member

Approved Cross Border Confidence Member

As a valued partner, DriveLab inc (DLI) is proud to be associated with Cross Border Confidence and snowbirdaccidents.com. Cross Border Accidents can be very complicated and now with the support of snowbirdaccidents.com. DriveLab can assist you or your loved ones with driver rehabilitation and vehicle safety needs. We will work with the team to make sure that all aspects of driver rehabilitation and vehicle safety during your rehabilitation.

Being an approved Cross Border Confidence Member can give you peace of mind knowing that our experts can help you if you have been involved in a serious motor vehicle accident while traveling south of the border. For further information please visit snowbirdaccidents.com or call us directly at Telephone: 1-844-413-7483 or (647) 499-4620.   (READ MORE)

DriveSafe Program

The Drive Safe Program is designed to teach clients proactive and defensive driving strategies. It is completed initially with an Occupational Therapist who meets with the client to determine program goals for the client’s unique driving needs.The program consists of in-vehicle sessions with a Certified Driving Instructor who will focus on examining the problematic driving behavior and teaching proactive driving strategies. Following the program, a final session is completed to determine if the client has met individual goals and if so, a certificate of achievement is provided.   (READ MORE)

Free Education Seminars

Free education seminars are available at your facility to discuss the various assessment and treatment services and to answer any questions. Please contact our office directly to arrange for this service.

Headoffice is located in Woodbridge, we have satellite locations throughout Southern Ontario and are available to meet with you or your clients within their homes and communities throughout Southern Ontario.

Contact us today Toll Free: 1-844-413-7483 ext. 201 or email us to schedule an Assessment or to learn more about our full list of services.

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